Lilith Walks

by Susan M. Schultz

Anyone who walks a dog quickly learns 1) the dog is walking you; 2) the entire neighborhood (with or without a dog in tow) suddenly becomes interested in offering you their opinions on just about everything and everybody. Susan Schultz knows this intimately and chronicles it quite remarkably in Lilith Walks in which she records Lilith’s movements, greetings and ground sniffs while also presenting a vivid portrait of her friends and not-friends and neighbors in her local Hawai’i haunts.

The selected and selective diary-like entries begin in 2017 and end in 2021, which means that she manages to include, primarily through the comments of those she and Lilith encounter, a running commentary on that tumultuous time spanning the last years of Obama’s presidency, through Trump and Covid and January 6. Lilith Walks is masterful, insightful and brilliant.

— Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno

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