Jan Schmidt, Consulting Prose Editor for Cable Street, had her short story, “EX-TING-GWISH-ER,” published on November 8, 2023 as Editor’s Pick in Litro Magazine online. Earlier this year her short story, “Pandora,” was a finalist in Solstice magazine’s fiction contest; it was published in the Solstice summer issue and is available online.

Dana Delibovi, Cable Street’s Consulting Poetry Editor, read her translation of Teresa of Ávila’s poem, “About Those Words, ‘My Beloved Is Mine,” at the Poets of Presence/Loyola University–Hank Center conference in Chicago, October 2023. This translation has just been published in 100 Great Catholic Poems, edited by Sally Read (Elk Grove Village, IL: Word on Fire, 2023). This autumn, Delibovi published poetry and translations in Slippery Elm and The Catholic Poetry Room; her poems are also forthcoming in Fish Barrel Review and U.S. Catholic.

Hardy Griffin, Cable Street editor, will be in Athens, Greece for the book launch of his novel Broken Kismet on November 25, published by Strange Days Press (in Greek).

Sam Farhi, who curated a Pocket Anthology of New Brooklyn Writing for The Wall, has recently had his first novel accepted for publication by ITNA Press.