Armenians in Turkey Today

Photos from the book, Ermeniler / Armenians / Arméniens

by Nuran Akkaya

A Brief Introduction

In 2015, Alef publishing in Istanbul came out with Nuran Akkaya’s photographic documentary of the Armenian community in Turkey. In the introduction, Akkaya says “If this photographic documentary is able to make even a small contribution to the ancient culture underlying the hidden Armenian lives in this land we are living on, then it will have served its purpose.”

We are pleased to present a small taste of this incredible photographic journey across Turkey. In each photo, the heart of this artist and this vibrant community are clear. As Akkaya says, “The greatest wish of everyone involved in the making of this book is that all of our work and personal effort will have led to a beautiful feature of hope.”

—Hardy Griffin, for the editors

You can order Akkaya’s incredible book of photographs from Amazon in the U.S.

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