NEWS: Ngugi Podcast

Ngũgĩ as a student in Leeds circa 1966. Photograph: Courtesy of the Lilly Library, Indiana University

From the first essay, in the last issue of our prior incarnation, Witty Partition. Bronwyn Mills began a series of three essays on Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Kenyan writer and intellectual.  The first addressed Ngugi’s Moving the Centre—ideas regarding Eurocentrism. The second, in Issue 1 of Cable Street, went on to discuss Decolonizing the Mind and the problem of colonial languages.  Finally, the third went on to sum up, discuss orature and Ngugi’s work in Gikuyu.  Most recently, The Guardian has published a podcast about Ngugi, by Carey Baraka, a writer from Kisumu, Kenya, now living in Nairobi. We offer it here in our NEWS section (see top banner) for your further interest: (This direct link is from the June 13, 2023 book section.)